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Lenso wheels and products are very popular amongst car lovers. These wheels are often found on cars of young men and street racers. There are a variety of wheels available that normally fits any make of vehicle. These wheels also come in different sizes and inches. It ranges from a 15 inch up to a 22 inch size in diameter. With its retro designs, elegant styling, sporty look and unique distinction, the Lenso wheel appeals to all. For an extra touch of class and elegance add Lenso wheels to your car.

Lenso has an incredible collection of wheels for any car. The Lenso D1R range includes the unique Matt Red Black Lip which is a classic 5 spoke wheel. It is the perfect choice if you are addicted to adrenaline and live in the fast lane. The range also includes the D1R White Red Lip, Matt Black and Gloss Black with an aggressive stance and stylish design that are not merely for aesthetics but to cope with tuned brakes.

The Lenso RS5 is available in glossy black, black, silver and anthracite colours. This is a classic 5 spoke design with distinctive rivets between the spokes. It has a polished mirror lip finish and is manufactured with the high quality you can expect from Lenso. This range is available in various sizes and fitments.

A particular wheel that’s been developed with quality and a retro style in mind is the BSX range. These wheels are available in a stunning black, glossy black, silver, gold, and white finish. It is also available in red with a diamond cut outer lip. Apart from being lightweight with consequently improved handling and performance, braking is also more efficient due to better heat conduction and air circulation. The BSX is available in a wide range of fitments and offsets, which include an ultra-wide 16×9 inch size.

The Conquista is an exciting new range that’s available in a grey colour. It is a lightweight hand polished alloy wheel. As with all Lenso wheels the quality and finish is first class. Lenso has a huge variety of amazing wheels that can fit onto any car, whether it is for city driving or off road driving. With all Lenso wheels you can be sure of a high quality product that is designed for luxury and appeal. For an extra touch of class and elegance add the Lenso wheels to your car.

Simple Note on Car Wheel

Many aspects make up the status of your wheels. This can include the amount of spokes, the size of the spokes, the finish of the face and the bolt patterns. Here are some aspects of wheels that will make your car the hottest ride on the street. The … [Continue reading]